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One day in December of 2001, we noticed a lump on the neck of our mixed breed rescue, Super, a Golden Retriever, Lab mix. After a visit to the vet and an aspirate sent to the lab, a diagnosis of lymphoma was confirmed. We were then referred to a veterinary oncologist – to which I said, “A what?” Of course you hear it every day. Even as the daughter of a human specialist and a devoted mom of dogs only (no human kids), I was simply bowled over that there were specialists for pets. Sadly, this story did not end well. After five short weeks of a chemotherapy regimen, we chose to euthanize our first-born dog as a married couple because remission was not attained and he was not responding well to treatment.

But there clearly was another more uplifting outcome to be had from this sad tale. Two weeks later, I went to work for the oncologist and started a new career in veterinary medicine! With a background in marketing, management, and mutt rescuing, the challenge was very much right up my alley.

After three years as the administrator for the oncology group, I became the Executive Director for City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center and was largely responsible for building a 30,000 square foot multi-specialty facility in suburban Los Angeles with five independently owned practices as tenants. Suffice it to say that I spent countless hours on the 405 freeway commuting 3-4 hours a day in the name of specialty care. During this time, my advocacy for awareness and access to specialty care grew exponentially. In less than two years, City of Angels was fully operational and I was ready for my next project.

In 2007, I launched my own marketing agency, BluePrints – to help more referral practices and animal health companies expand their reach. Because at the end of the day, everything we do at BluePrints to assist our clients is motivated by the end recipient – the pet and its family. It’s our way to serve the companion animals we love so much. And every single one of us here has a story to tell. This is mine – I’d love to hear yours.

Robin Brogdon, Founder and CEO



Image: Robin Brogdon, MA

Robin Brogdon, MA

Owner, CEO

Chief Mutt Rescuer
Image: Linda Kaplan, MHA

Linda Kaplan, MHA


Director of Fur Affairs
Image: Emma MacMillan

Emma MacMillan

Art Director

Manager of Fine Felines
Image: Denise Acosta

Denise Acosta

Finance Manager

Tracker of Who Gets the Most Treats
Image: Robert Schmid

Robert Schmid


Cyber Barketer
Image: Krystle Hoppe

Krystle Hoppe

Digital Marketing Manager

Conversion Crunching Canine
Image: Kristen Fusari

Kristen Fusari

Social Media/Content Manager

Copy Shepherd
Image: Theresa Greenwood

Theresa Greenwood

Digital Marketing Specialist

Data Dog Herder
Image: Christine DeSantis

Christine DeSantis

Digital Marketing Associate

Digital Project Pup
Image: Roxanne Jones

Roxanne Jones

Senior Copywriter

Kitty Confidential
Image: William Stalhuth

William Stalhuth

Senior Graphic Designer

Contemporary Artist & Kool Kat
Image: Renita Smith, MBA

Renita Smith, MBA

Brand Strategist

World Traveler
Image: Becky Vickman

Becky Vickman

Senior Website Developer

Digital Duchess

Commitment to the Industry

There are endless ways to participate in advancing the health and wellness of our pets and patients. Here are a few of the places we donate time, money, and support.

Collaborative Care Coalition (CCC)

Collaborative Care Coalition (Formerly known as VetSOAP) – Robin Brogdon, MA – Founder, Past-President

ACVIM Foundation Memorial and Recognition Program

Corporate Sponsor

ACVIM Foundation

Robin Brogdon, MA, Board of Directors 2009-2015 – the first non-veterinarian to serve on the BOD

AAHA Specialty Accreditation

Task Force Member

AAHA Referral Guidelines

Task Force Member

IVECCS Practice Management

Committee Member


Past Chair of the Communications Committee, Member 2007-Present


Southern California Veterinary Medical Association Member, Member 2005-Present

Best Friends Animal Society

Volunteer at the sanctuary in Kanab, Utah

Not One More Vet

Silver Sponsor

Nationwide Veterinary Student Externship Program

Annual participants, offering marketing and business education to veterinary students

Petplan Veterinary Awards

Robin Brogdon, MA, Judge and Presenter

Collaborative Care Coalition (Formerly VetSOAP)

There are Many Benefits to Collaboration

Collaboration is good for primary care practices, specialty hospitals, the veterinary industry, pet owners and most of all, pets! For more information on how you can help build awareness of the benefits of co-managed care, please visit Collaborative Care Coalition‘s website to learn more.

Learn More About CCC



BluePrints is an affiliate of IVPA

BluePrints Veterinary Marketing Group is proud to be an affiliate member of the Independent Veterinary Practitioners Association (IVPA).

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