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Management Consulting

Let’s be honest: managing a veterinary practice takes a skillset that few clinicians learned in school. Fortunately, BluePrints offers a wealth of management consulting services to help ensure that you are practicing as efficiently and effectively as possible. These include:

Management Structure:

Do you have the right organizational structure to achieve your goals? Does your management team possess the skills to take you where you want to go? Are the right people in the right roles? Robin will assess your management structure, short- and long-range goals, compensation, and your desired level of participation in practice administration—and make recommendations for how to best get where you want to go. She’ll even dig in with hands-on implementation to ensure successful execution.

Leadership Development:

Do your leaders (including you) need coaching and mentoring to expand their skills? We’ll help you identify specific areas where you and your team will benefit from coaching, which may take the form of seminars, facilitated meetings, and one-on-one sessions and strategic planning.


Having worked as a recruiter for seven years prior to entering veterinary medicine, Robin has a knack for finding the just-right candidate for your team. A master networker, she is able to pull from a broad and deep talent pool.

Owner/Partner Coaching:

Whether you’re a sole owner or in a partnership, sometimes you want an objective, outside opinion from someone who’s successfully guided others through the decisions that you’re facing. Perhaps you want to find a common vision for your practice, achieve buy-in for a significant change in the business, or address disagreements about management approaches. We can help.

Succession Planning/Exit Strategy:

This is one of the most important transitions of your career—and your life. What are your options? We can provide guidance about your choices and optimizing the value of your hard-earned investment, including obtaining an accurate valuation, securing legal counsel to handle the details, and identifying the right person(s) to carry on your legacy.

Client Experience:

Providing good customer service is no longer a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace; you must deliver extraordinary experiences for your clients every day to ensure a consistent pipeline of happy pet-owner clients and referring DVMs. We can help you develop intentional strategies to clearly differentiate your practice and unite your staff in providing a cohesive message and image.

Facilitating Synergistic Relationships:

We know what’s out there, what’s on the horizon, and what the progressive practices are doing to stay on the leading edge. Tell us what you’re struggling with or want to accomplish, and we’ll make appropriate introductions, shortcutting the trial-and-error process to source quality goods and services. We’ll help you move towards the front or continue to be on the forefront of best in class options for your practice.

Expansion/Construction Planning:

Making an investment to grow your practice’s footprint is a big one. We’ll help you identify the appropriate expansion strategy that will enhance patient care and the delivery of exceptional medicine in an efficient, cost-effective, and profitable manner, while capturing the design aesthetic you desire.

pcDVM Relationships:

Developing meaningful, truly collaborative relationships takes planning, thoughtfulness, and sincerity. We’ve created proven multistep plans and processes to help you build these key relationships—and nurture them over time to support your respective practices in a way that’s mutually beneficial.

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