Image: BluePrints Veterinary Marketing Group

What We Do

BluePrints isn’t your ordinary ad agency. In fact, there are some great agencies out there that we admire very much, but they aren’t specialists in animal health care marketing and more specifically, the nuances of specialty and referral medicine.

That’s where we come in. We’re the specialists to the specialists. And, we’re the only ad agency in the nation that focuses exclusively on veterinary specialty and referral practices. Plus, when an animal health company wants to reach the veterinary audience, they, too, turn to us – it’s our niche and we truly embrace our calling to help animals every way we can.

We offer as much or as little strategic marketing support as you need. We can function as your marketing department – or as an extension of your marketing department. Short or long term. Major undertakings or simple projects.

Branding and Strategy

Brand Positioning
Competitive Analysis
Business Naming
Tagline Development
Custom Logo Creation
Brand Handbooks/Style Guides
Communication Strategy


Print Advertisements
Stationery, Forms
Brochures, Collateral
Direct Mail
Print/Production Management
Presentation Materials
Training Manuals


Website Design
Content Development
Digital Advertisements
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Strategy
Reputation Management
Digital Presentations
Email Marketing

Media Relations

Media List Development
Press Release Generation
Story Pitches
Wire Submissions
Media Kit Creation
Media Training

Event Planning

Continuing Education
Open Houses
Promotional Products/Gifts


Management Structure
Leadership Development
Owner/Partner Coaching
Succession Planning
Exit Strategies
Brand/Client Experience
Expansion Planning

Photography / Videography

Source Creative Talent
Script Writing
Shot List Development
Art Direction

Speaking Engagements

Keynote Address
Conference Lectures
Workshops and Presentations
Custom Programs


How We Do It

Whether your marketing needs are large or small, we approach each challenge in a strategic manner, and then develop specific tactics and tools for implementation. The idea is to help you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. That’s done by ensuring that everything you do reflects your brand and is consistent with your other marketing efforts.

So, we listen and learn long before we recommend.

Therapeutic Approach to Marketing

For clients who are interested in developing or refreshing their brand/image/position in the marketplace, we take a very comprehensive approach. In fact, our process is very similar to how you approach providing care to your patients: Exam > Diagnosis > Treatment > Outcome

Except, we use different terminology:



We take a business history and do a physical exam (Discovery), and conduct a competitive analysis – all to define and claim a Brand Position in the marketplace.



Based on Discovery, we will be able to clearly define challenges to overcome and/or goals to achieve (Diagnosis).



Strategies and tactics ( the Treatment) are developed and executed to address the Diagnosis.



Results of the strategies and tactics implemented are reviewed and adjusted as needed (Outcome).

Just like your process, the more thorough and accurate the exam and diagnosis the more effective the treatment and the better the outcome.

Many projects do not need an extensive Discovery process in order for us to help. However, the “thinking” and learning as much as we can about your practice and your objectives is a critical part of how we can best help you. But have no fear! We’ll be with you every step of the way! And, we don’t bark or bite… or even growl.


What do all those people do?

Effective marketing takes a team of educated and skilled individuals. There are many more pieces (people) to the marketing puzzle than you may realize. Some of them you may never meet, so we thought we'd give the unsung heroes a shout out, as well as provide an opportunity for you to see how it all comes together for you. Here are the highlights of the various roles and responsibilities of our marketing team.