Dear Dr. Noah Lot – How do we highlight our veterinary team online?

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Dear Dr. Noah Lot,

Our staff is feeling a bit defeated these days due to frustrated clients and negative online reviews. Is it appropriate to give our staff “shout outs” on our website and social media?

– Jeff, Animal Emergency & Specialty Center

Dear Jeff,

Yes, of course! I suggest always telling the story of how your veterinary team members are caring for and saving pets’ lives. Today, living in the realities of COVID-19, you need to subtly remind your clients and community how hard your entire team is working under such extreme circumstances.

Here are a few ways to highlight your staff to help boost morale, combat online negativity, and remind your clients how amazing your team is each day.

Shout Outs On Social Media

  • Post Regularly – Create a weekly schedule on Facebook and/or Instagram (i.e. Tuesday Team Shout Out), highlighting different individuals. However, if you are going to start this initiative, make sure to include everyone from the veterinarians to the receptionist.
  • Instagram Stories – Take your audience behind the scenes and create an Instagram Story featuring your team members with pet patients, wearing PPE, and offering curbside services.
  • Photos of your team receiving gifts and appreciation If your team has received a donation of food or supplies or received a “thank you” gift from a satisfied client, share the photos and story across social media. It provides your veterinary clinic and staff with an opportunity to thank the client or donor publicly and show your online community just how appreciated your team is amongst clients.
  • Photos of the team with pets – As a veterinary hospital, photos of pet patients are your best assets on social media. Make sure to obtain written consent from pet owners and include the pet’s and team member’s names.

Highlight All Team Members On Your Website

  • Blog Posts Showcase a story about how a veterinary technician, veterinarian, client service representative, etc. went above and beyond for a pet patient.
  • Team Bios While you might have your veterinary specialists and veterinarians listed on your website, make everyone feel part of the team by adding the bios and photos of your technicians, veterinary assistants, and front office staff to the website.
  • Testimonials – Positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook or an email from a happy client that mentions a team member’s name should be added to your website.
  • COVID-19 Protocols Page – If you have added a page on your website listing your COVID-19 protocols, you can also acknowledge your entire staff and even politely ask that clients are understanding, patient, and kind during these challenging times.

Your staff is going above and beyond the call of duty as essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic. However, we know that not all of your clients see it that way. Showcasing on your website and social media channels how incredible your team is and how valuable they are to your practice will help build trust and appreciation with your clients and the surrounding community.

I hope you find this helpful and insightful. We are looking forward to seeing your photos and stories of your amazing veterinary staff online.


Dr. Noah Lot

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