October 2020 Posts

Image: A Kinder, Gentler Campaign

A Kinder, Gentler Campaign

October 6, 2020

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in negative behavior displayed by some pet owners at veterinary clinics. This has included a lack of support for curbside service, impatience, and sometimes just being flat out rude to the point of teams feeling threatened – in... Read More

Image: Cultivate Stronger Customer Bonds

Cultivate Stronger Customer Bonds

October 6, 2020

????…People – People Who Need People (And Pets) ???? Only people of a certain age will get this reference, but the main idea is that we need people (pet owners) to need us (veterinary practices) and not just need us – want us! So today, I wanted to share some thoughts on... Read More

Image: Dear Dr. Noah Lot – How do we highlight our veterinary team online?