Dr. Noah Lot, Should we still be posting on social media during the COVID-19 situation?

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Dear Dr. Noah Lot,

Should we still be posting on social media during the COVID-19 situation? If so, what should we be sharing on social media other than our veterinary hospital is still open?


Hospital Administrator, Veterinary Specialty Emergency Center


Yes, continue to post relevant and informative content on your veterinary hospital’s social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram). However, it is essential to be sensitive to the current times and adapt your current content strategy.

First, let’s review what shouldn’t be shared on your veterinary clinic’s social media accounts.

What Not to Post

  • Don’t use language about cuddling, touching or hugging
  • Avoid posting photos of staff celebrations or any images that go against social distancing including physically interacting with clients
  • We hope this goes without saying, do not publish memes or videos poking fun at the coronavirus pandemic

What to Post on Social Media

  • Updates about your hospital’s protocols or changes – this type of content should be posted as often as possible
  • Reminders that your hospital is open (post hours) and accepting new patients – a definite must for emergency veterinary clinics
  • Photos of how your staff is still providing high-quality care for pet patients
  • Share credible veterinary industry or CDC recommended resources about the coronavirus and pets. There is a lot of bad and wrong information floating on the internet about COVID-19 and domestic animals. As a veterinary clinic, you have the chance to be a voice of authority on the issue and properly educate your audience.
  • Create a heartfelt ‘thank you’ message to your human healthcare counterparts. It is essential that the content is genuine and doesn’t come off as self-serving.

While the majority of the news and content on social media is about COVID-19, you can share non-coronavirus related posts. Continue to publish photos of your furry patients and light-hearted memes and GIFs. Ask your audience to share photos of working from home with pets. Or get creative and produce a graphic or video about staying at home with pets.

Lastly and most importantly, make sure your clinic’s social media content either inspires, entertains, or educates your audience. And for these difficult times, it is okay to go heavy on the inspiring or empowering posts.

Stay safe & healthy,

Dr. Noah Lot


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