Four Tips to Outsmart the Facebook Newsfeed Armageddon

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By Deanna Hendrick, MCM, Digital Project Manager

Facebook dropped a bombshell in January by announcing a massive change to the Newsfeed. The social media giant will now prioritize personal content from individuals over business pages and publishers to make the Newsfeed a more “meaningful and personal” experience for users. This means even less of your Facebook audience will see organic (non-paid) content posted on your business page.

This change initially caused great concern, confusion, and curiosity about the future value of investing in this social media platform. However, while this change will affect your page’s reach and engagement, there are few ways to counter-attack and continue leveraging Facebook as an effective and meaningful tool.

Here are our four tips to outsmart the Facebook Newsfeed Armageddon:

Tip #1 – Pay to Play

  • Now, more than ever, it is critical to invest in Facebook ads through a strategic campaign.
  • Don’t just rely on boosting posts but also create ads with targeted audiences and specific goals such as growing followers, increasing website traffic, call for an appointment, sign up for our next CE, etc.
  • Utilize the Facebook Pixel to track conversions from Facebook ads to your website so that you can measure your results.

Tip #2 – Quality over Quantity

  • Facebook will now “punish” pages that post several times a day. We recommend posting 3-5x a week with no more than one post a day.
  • Make sure the content speaks to your brand and highlights the work you do.
  • Post more original content such as photos, information, and news from your clinic, as opposed to articles, links, and content from other websites.
  • All Facebook posts should include concise and well-written copy with a call to action (CTA), call us, learn more, visit our website, etc.
  • Be careful with the wording you use in CTA content. Facebook will now punish accounts that use “engagement bait,” tactics to increase engagement to boost content’s ranking in the newsfeed. Types of posts to avoid include “like this if you love dogs,” or “share this with all your friends.”

Tip #3 – Engage With Your Audience

  • Remember, Facebook is a two-way communication tool. Don’t just talk at your audience but engage in a meaningful conversation – that is what Facebook encourages all users to do!
  • It is critical to respond to comments on your content and any posts on your page – both positive and negative.
  • Encourage users to engage with one another in comments. Facebook will rank content higher in the Newsfeed that includes engagement between people on posts. For example, encourage pet owners to engage with one another about the information you post.

 Tip #4 – Go Live

  • Give your followers a behind the scenes look into your practice with live videos, which Facebook promotes in followers’ Newsfeeds.
  • All you need is a smartphone or a computer, a well-lighted room and a plan! Think of what you are going to talk about in your video beforehand and make sure to engage with viewers during the broadcast by answering questions. If you’re new to this, practice, practice, practice before you actually go live!
  • Promote your broadcast in advance to notify your users when to tune in.

Here at BluePrints, we are always on top of the latest trends in this rapidly growing and evolving social media environment. Despite changes to the newsfeed, Facebook will remain an effective and viable marketing tool for your practice if you play by the rules.

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