Denise Acosta

Denise’s twenty-five+ years of experience developing management information and accounting systems for ad agencies has given her a keen perspective on the most effective methods for bookkeeping, payables, receivables, and cost accounting. Her financial skills and in-depth knowledge of the advertising business have allowed her to structure software parameters and organize data input procedures, helping agencies (including Dailey Marketing Group and KPA) achieve consistently accurate and timely reporting.

Proud mother of two boys and her golden retriever Maggie, Denise is all about family. In the office, Denise has managed to keep the team running like a well-oiled machine. Adept at balancing the most complicated spreadsheets, however, she does have a tendency to be, let’s say, technically challenged, staple-filling challenged as well as toner-replacing-in-copier challenged.

She graduated from Santa Ana College, with an AA degree in Business Administration and Accounting, continuing on at Cal State Fullerton with an emphasis in Advertising.

Interesting Denise Trivia

As a senior at Redford High School in Detroit, Michigan, she won the Business Student of the Year Award.

Categories: Posted: Tuesday, July 7, 2016