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Image: How Animals Can Remind Us About Great Marketing Techniques

How Animals Can Remind Us About Great Marketing Techniques

May 26, 2021

By: Linda Kaplan, MHA | President One of the most important moments in marketing is when you have an opportunity to meet your client in person. That impression, that moment, whether it’s the first or the 100th time you’ve seen them, will set the expectation and the tone for the... Read More

Image: The Importance of Self-Management

The Importance of Self-Management

May 26, 2021

By: Robin Brogdon, MA, CEO When most people think of management, they think of managing people or processes. But to be most effective at these aspects of management, you need to begin on the inside with self-management. Some might also call this the ability to be introspective,... Read More

Image: Dear Dr. Noah Lot – How much should our practice be spending for a manager?
Image: Nightstand Inspiration

Nightstand Inspiration

February 3, 2021

By Linda Kaplan, MHA I love to read. I love to learn. And I love to be inspired by those who have mastered their craft. In my world of marketing, there is a plethora of literature to marinate in…and, as we all know, only so many hours in a day to indulge. Being forced to... Read More

Image: The Power Of Using A Name

The Power Of Using A Name

June 10, 2020

No one really wants to be a client and bring in their precious pet. If they must visit you, they want to be ‘Jenny Miller’ or known by their pet’s name. Think about it, business can be impersonal enough without COVID. Add in no face-to-face contact and it becomes much more... Read More

Image: How To Keep Veterinary Staff Morale Up During These Challenging Times