Top 5 Reasons Your Veterinary Business Should Have a Blog

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By Jaime Bochet, Account Executive

You may think blogging is so 2010, but in fact, a blog can be a valuable marketing tool for your business, if used correctly. Here are our top five reasons why your veterinary business should have a well-written, thoughtful, regularly updated blog:

Show Your Expertise

You’re an expert in your field. A blog can demonstrate that beyond the walls of your veterinary business. Writing authoritative, engaging posts about health issues important to your clients shows your willingness to help solve their problems. It also establishes trust in your skill and within the industry. Just be careful not to get too technical – if your posts are too long, filled with clinical jargon, or artificially stuffed with keywords, they will fall flat with your readers.

Boost Your SEO

Ah, the elusive search engine optimization (SEO). Well-written blogs can help improve your organic search results so that when someone types a related question or search term into Google, your site appears at the top of that search result. Helpful articles that answer your clients’ pressing questions, with a healthy dose of carefully chosen keywords sprinkled in, add tons of value to your site in Google’s eyes. Blogs can also improve your Google search ranking with inbound links and backlinks. (Not sure what those are or why you need them? That’s okay. We can help.)

Tell Your Story

Technology doesn’t erase the importance of connecting with your audience – it just changes how you need to do it. Use your blog to highlight key team members, communicate the history, values, and culture of your business, showcase your facility, and really show who you are. This not only helps build trust with current and potential clients, but it can also help attract future employees.

Get Down to Details

Your website probably includes basic outlines of your services, but a blog is your opportunity to explain more fully the experience your clients can expect. You can offer more details about your services, tout your team’s training and expertise, and offer seasonal information specific to your region. Again, focus on being really helpful, and not too technical, unless of course, you are presenting case studies for clinical consumption.

Create Content for Social Media

A blog post lives two lives: One on your website, and one on your social media pages. To help increase the visibility of this helpful, engaging, insightful content you’ve created, post a link to it on your business’s social media pages. Preferably with an image that is appropriate for the subject and eye-catching enough to stop mindless scrolling in its tracks.

Feeling daunted by the task of creating, writing, or maintaining a blog? We can help, from developing a content calendar and writing unique content for your audience, to posting to your site and monitoring analytics. We invite you to learn more about all the digital marketing services we offer, including blogging for your business.

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