April 1 New Search Engine Algorithm Update Prioritizes Cute Pet Photos!

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April Fool's Day post from BluePrints Veterinary Marketing Group

As of April 1, 2021, Google will rank websites by the number of cute pet photos. The newest algorithm update is due to the oversaturation of bad news and terrible content from beauty influencers.

In a statement released by the new programming group at Google overseeing the algorithm change, The Woof & Meow Digital Disruption Krew, said, “Through our conducive and robust user research and insight, the data tells us that users are tired of words, reading, and anything not animal-related. To continue Google’s reputation as a disruptor and leader in the tech sector, we are proud to release the newest algorithm update that will allow websites that follow our new content community standards (a massive amount of furry, fluffy, and funny animal photos) will be rewarded with the top-dog spot on our SERP.”

You heard it here first today, on April 1, 2021! What does this mean for your practice? Well, businesses will dominate the first page of Google by just stuffing their website with the cutest and squishiest dog, cat, and even llama photos!

Now, some ins-purr-ation for adorable pet content. Here are some examples to help boost your search rank on Google!

Improve your search rank by stuffing your site with pet photos - Happy April Fools

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fools 2021

Pets ARE adorable, and they’re the reason we are in this industry. But unfortunately, Google is sticking with its current formula, which means you need a strong SEO strategy and lots of know-how to get ranked on Page 1. Now read an actual blog post on how to improve your veterinary practice’s search ranking.

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