The iOS 14 Update & Facebook Ads: What Your Veterinary Specialty Practice Needs to Know

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By Deanna Hendrick, MCM

If your veterinary emergency or specialty practice runs Facebook ads, you have most likely seen this doomsday message from Facebook:

“Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that will impact how we receive and process events from tools like the Facebook SDK and the Facebook pixel.”

But what exactly does that mean for your veterinary practice? Here at BluePrints, we have the answers about the new changes.

What Do I Need to Know About the iOS 14 Update?

Every so often, Apple updates its iPhone operating software (iOS), and this latest round, iOS 14, will supposedly have far-reaching effects on Facebook Ad accounts that rely heavily on Facebook’s pixel and conversion events, such as eCommerce sites. So, the good news is, if you don’t currently use those tracking tools, you likely won’t feel any impact. However, if you do – or are planning to – then you need to prepare for these changes!

When Will Apple Release This Update?

The new iOS 14 has been already in use since the beginning of 2021, however, Apple finally released the tracking permission on April 27, 2021.

Why is Facebook Upset with Apple?

Apple will require that all apps in their App Store show a prompt to users on devices with the iOS 14 update installed, essentially asking the user for permission for the app to track them outside the platform. As you can imagine, it is expected that most users will decline being tracked. Facebook is worried that will make its tools that gather user data, like the pixel, obsolete.

Who is Impacted?

Only iPhone 12 users and older iPhone models that update to the new iOS 14 software and for users who reinstall or add the Facebook App. It isn’t clear, yet, if iOS 14 users will receive the opt-in/out message on their current installed Facebook app. People who are using older iOS programs and Android devices will still be served Facebook ads as usual.

How Will the iOS 14 Update Affect My Veterinary Practice?  

If you don’t utilize the Facebook pixel and don’t run many conversion or retargeting ad campaigns, you can continue with your same paid content strategy. However, if you or your marketing agency run retargeting campaigns, or rely heavily on custom and lookalike audiences, there will most likely be a change in ad results, and the target audience you are trying to reach might not be as refined.

How Do We Prepare for the Apple/Facebook Change?

Since Apple has not released the update yet, all you can do is understand these changes and be prepared to see changes in your ad results and audience targeting. Additionally, continue to review recommendations from Facebook Business and Advertising.

Should We Cancel our Facebook Ad Account?

No! Advertising on Facebook can still help promote your services, increase audience engagement, and enhance brand awareness.

However, the smartest thing your specialty or emergency veterinary practice can do is to have professionals handling your digital advertising. Things are about to get even more complicated, so to be truly prepared for the iOS 14 Facebook ad changes, we recommend reaching out to the experts!

BluePrints’ Digital Department is always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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