Christine DeSantis

Christine is a dedicated digital marketer with a background in photography and design. She earned her B.S. in Public Relations from Texas State University in 2019 and spent two years post-graduation working as an analyst for a global social media platform. During that time, she integrated her passions for marketing and animal care by serving as a social media moderator and copywriter for an international pet marketing agency.

In 2021, Christine transitioned to freelancing, where she completed projects as a copywriter, graphic designer, social media manager, and public relations consultant for clients within the pet care sector. Excited to work in a team environment again, she joined BluePrints in June 2022.

Outside work hours, Christine enjoys exploring the trails of Austin with her miniature dachshund, Leroy, often taking photos along the way. She is also the proud pet parent of a Persian cat named Flynn.

Interesting Christine Trivia

She has participated in worldwide photography contests and was recognized for her wildlife photography at the Neutral Density Awards in 2019.

Categories: Posted: Thursday, July 7, 2022