Why is it so difficult to recruit quality veterinarians aside from the obvious low unemployment rate?

Reading Time: 2 minutesHow to recruit Veterinarians during low unemployement

Ever notice when you read the DVM classified ads on any of the veterinary websites, they all sound the same? A listing of what services they offer, the type of equipment they have, competitive salary…blah, blah, blah.

 What is appealing about an ad like that? Would you pick up the phone and inquire? Do you think it showcases the best of what the practice is all about?

Recruiting is just like any other type of marketing. It needs to appeal to your audience and be about them, not you. Sure, talk about ‘what’ you offer, but if you don’t lead with how candidates will benefit by being part of your unique team, there is little motivation to compel any action. Think of it this way – many clinics or hospitals offer similar services and equipment, right? Those that lead with their brand position/purpose/personality, that clearly differentiates them from the other “look-a-like” practices – will capture the attention and interest of a prospective candidate much quicker than a list of equipment and hours of operation. And honestly, if you didn’t have digital x-ray, an ultrasound machine, and endoscopy equipment when recruiting for an internist, well, you get my point. It’s wasted copy and some sites charge for ads by the word count.

 So put your ‘why’ front and center, and you will appeal to those candidates who share your philosophy, paving the way for a much better fit anyway.

 Stay tuned for a full-length feature on recruiting in next month’s Marketecture Digest.

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